GVS Bullion Tester

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No more risk when purchasing precious metals!

Recognize precious metal forgeries within seconds! The GVS Bullion Tester detects even minor metal mixtures. Even perfect tungsten forgeries are immediately exposed!


The GVS Bullion Tester:

  • Genuineness test of gold & silver
  • Reliable and immediate results
  • Products and packaging remain intact
  • Coins, medals, scrap gold and bullions – everything can be tested
  • Comparative values are continuously updated


A metal’s magnetism cannot be manipulated. Every metal reacts in its own way to a magnetic field. It is either attracted or repulsed. The manner and magnitude of this reaction depend entirely on the composition of the metal. Precious metals like gold are not magnetic and are only weakly repulsed by a magnetic field. Popular counterfeit materials (like e.g. tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, hafnium, iridium, rhenium) on the other hand are attracted by magnets. The GVS Bullion Tester measures the attraction or repulsion of the magnet contactlessly. All test objects remain in their packaging and suffer no decrease in value. Gilded objects and tungsten cores are identified immediately. Also, more objects can be tested simultaneously, like e.g. coins in a tube. The device is equally suited for large bullions. Results are available within seconds.

Give forgeries no chance!

The GVS Bullion Tester is easily operated without previous knowledge and thus perfectly suited for both private investors and specialist dealers. The provided lists with comparative values are continuously updated.


Comparative values for gold & silver and an instruction manual you can find here:


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